Create Your Social Media Headers In Seconds

Don’t waste time creating your social media headers, it can be done in seconds. See below.

Having nice and professional-looking social media headers is important. Very important.

This is one of the key element of your overall online branding strategy.

But creating and updating these is not only tedious but boring. Very boring.

First you shall keep in mind that these headers have to be considered not only as a branding item, but also as a genuine advertising area.

Your social media header is like YOUR personal ad banner, use it wiselyWhen pitching covers, you always need to keep in mind whether the Publishing can clear! This is where you can for example announce / advertise your latest release (by adding digital stores logos and/or text), your next shows, a message to your fans, anything.

But it has to be nice and consistent.

  • nice because any unprofessional-looking graphics will immediately make your potential fans run away and switch to another page / profile (never forget that on social media you only have a few milliseconds to catch attention)
  • consistent across all your social networks since your “brand” shall be easily and immediately recognizable

So how to proceed?

If you are used to work with graphic editing softwares such as Photoshop or others (there are many online free tools like Sumopaint for example where you can get very acceptable results), then you can create all these headers manually, based on the specific dimensions below:

  • Facebook: 851px X 315px
  • Google+: 1240px X 700px
  • YouTube: 2560px X 1440px
  • Twitter: 1500px X 500px

But hey, there is also a much faster way to proceed.

Online design tool Canva just released new templates for social media and email headers, allowing you to create all of the above headers in seconds, really!

It’s worth taking a look at the features of this free tool, which also offers many other options for designing presentationsand graphics.

You may also want to check this post if you’d like to see all detailed dimensions for other graphic items:

Have fun with updating your social media headers now!

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