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Engage Your Fans With Musixmatch

Musixmatch is the most popular lyrics destination on mobile and connected devices

Lyrics is one of the top searched terms on Google, with billions of people every month trying to find the words to their music.

The app integrates seamlessly with Spotify, your mobile phone, your connected TV, and interestingly with YouTube as long as you are using the Chrome web browser and install the dedicated extension, available here.

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Adding lyrics to your music is a great way to engage and interact with your audience, keeping in mind a lot of people love to sing along with their favorite song (or simply read the lyrics).

Another interesting feature (and this is certainly where the app can really bring some added value when it comes to engagement) is that your fans can become part of the Musixmatch “community” and add/edit lyrics themselves.

This can be a cool interaction vector; why not encouraging your audience not only to listen to your songs on Spotify, watch your videos on YouTube, but also actively participate by adding lyrics to your songs?

What do you think about this idea for creating additional engagement? Do you know any other lyrics services with some interaction and integrated to popular music platforms?

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