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You make music for it to be heard. was built because you should have the chance to get your music heard by the right audience to be able to find your fans.

With, you can make sure your songs are played directly where they live and where fans consume music, inside streaming services. It intelligently finds the right audience for your music, reaching fans while they are listening, to get your music added to playlists and shared to grow your exposure organically. It’s crucial to not just exist on digital platforms, but guarantee that your songs get heard to by the right ears.

Want more? You can make better, more informed decisions about how to further develop your music, who to promote to, where your fans are located, and more through amazing, music focused analytics that let you know exactly how fans interact with your song.

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JTV DIGITAL ARTISTS GET $10 FREE credit (100 to 150 plays)

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There is no subscription commitment. You can decide to add more credit at any time for additional plays and only pay if your song is listened to for more than 30 seconds!

Let your music be your best advertisement!

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