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Global Music Release Day Set To Friday

Music industry’s representatives (almost) unanimously set a global release day on Fridays

After months of discussions, the music industry representatives have decided to make Friday the global music release day worldwide for new album releases.

Decision was based on surveys lead by IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) showing that most music consumers preferred Fridays and Saturdays to purchase / listen to new music.

This “release day”, set on a global level (worldwide) makes full sense in the digital world we live in today.

With digital music distribution, there are basically no borders, and nobody is ready to wait for the local release date to be met for getting access to the music they want to hear.

Until now (most) major record labels had a country-per-country policy when it came to release dates, which was clearly unproductive and created frustration amongst consumers. In a connected / digital world, frustration encourages piracy. People want the content they like, and they want it immediately, by all means. If there is no legal offer they will find other ways to download / listen to the music they love.

There was some opposition (sometimes strong) about the choice of Friday, especially since it may not be optimal for the US, as A2IM pointed out.

Similarly, JTV Digital  supports (and has always pushed into that direction) a global release day, even though Friday may not be idea. Artists who sell music online will benefit from this since it creates consistency and will ultimately reduce music fans’ frustration.

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