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How To Create Artwork Videos

Artwork videos (also called “still images” videos) are a great way to showcase your songs on video services

Even if you don’t have a proper music video, there is an easy way to showcase (and monetize) your songs on YouTube or other video services: create artwork videos and upload these to your channel.

What is an “artwork music video”?

Technically it consists in a still image (in other words a picture), usually the artwork of your music release, with an audio track playing in the background.

Why is this useful?

It allows you to make your songs available on YouTube or other video services even if you don’t have a music video, meaning fans will have the option to stream your music on their favorite video service just like they’d do on an audio-only platform like Spotify or Deezer.

Remember that 61% of people use YouTube as the primary source for keeping up-to-date with music releases, according to this study from Edison Research and Triton Digital

So yes, it is definitely quite useful to have your songs available on YouTube if you’re looking at some kind of exposure.

How To Create Artwork Videos?

There are various ways to achieve this: the traditional one being to use a video editing software (like Adobe Premiere or iMovie), but it can be quite time-consuming and require certain technical skills you may not have. It can also be done online with tools such as JustGo Music or TunesToTube (these will offer many additional functionalities but are not free).

But the easiest (and FREE) way to do it is via It won’t let you upload directly to YouTube or Soundcloud like other tools do, but it is VERY easy to use (drag and drop and mp3 file and an artwork image), and free!

The output file is an mp4 video which you can upload to YouTube, share on your Instagram, or just embed on your website in an HTML5 video player.

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