How to generate a 1 click PayPal payment link

Here is a quick hack if you are using PayPal for receiving payments for services or goods.

Whenever you pay a PayPal invoice, you may have noticed it contains a link that takes you right to PayPal and ready to pay, with payment 1 click away.

I give you the method for creating that “magic” URL.

Just replace the details between brackets in the below URL with your own information and you’re done.

You can then paste this link in an e-mail, on your blog, website, everywhere.

It evens works with url shorteners like bitly for example (tested), which allows you to create multiple links with different invoicing amount and identify it by customizing the short url.

Here we go, just modify the info between the [], and remove the brackets of course![your paypal payment email]&cmd=_xclick&currency_code=[currency code]&amount=[price]&item_name=[your%20item%20name]

your PayPal payment email is the email associated to your PayPal account for receiving payment to

currency code can be any ISO4217 code: USD, EUR, etc.

amount is the price of the item you are charging / requesting payment for

your item name is the name / description of the product or service your are selling

Happy invoicing!

Courtesy of Ben’s journal for the tip


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