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How to Run a (Successful) Club Night

Throwing together a night without the proper research, passion, hard work, and some luck will only ever result in you pulling your hair out and emptying your pockets.

But combine all the necessary ingredients, and there is no end to where your party can go. There is something you have to ask yourself before getting started however, whether you are doing this to be ‘that person’ who runs nights. If the answer is yes I’m afraid you’ll have to stop there, it won’t work. If not, please continue on and learn everything you need to know about running a club night.

First things first: music is key. Having the right guests is vital and residents equally as so. Blowing your money on the guest budget is great, but utilising that energy and expense on all aspects of the night instead can build a core beyond those only showing up for the big names. This band of loyal returning customers form the grassroots vibe of the night, and can keep things together when things go pear shaped, so it’s important to build a vibe guests come to be a part of.

The ability to pull in a crowd doesn’t lie solely on who’s playing however, credit has to be given to the way in which the night is marketed and portrayed. The way the night looks aesthetically plays a big part in attracting the right people to create the type of vibe you want your night to follow, and it’s this that sets it apart from the rest. Allocating large on the artwork budget allows for a graphic designer or artist to work on original pieces helps give a night presence of its own. Creating a clear, crisp design can help in a world of bold and brash advertising forced onto the public every day.

Getting your promo right means more than standing outside clubs at 3am however, get that hard-worked artwork out to bars and even shops of whose customer base you think would be interested. Get badges and stickers made, people love them. Advertising spots however are unfortunately not primarily in our physical world anymore, they come in digital form. The power of social networking and simple word of mouth can’t be underestimated, together they form a formidable pair in the ability to pull a crowd in.

So the music and marketing side of things are covered, where is the night going to be thrown? Each venue brings its own feel and prejudice, meaning the choice is a big one. Common knowledge should cover making sure the place holds as many as you hope (realistically) to pull in and work out a good deal, with an added bonus of decent footfall outside. But special thought has to be given to which place attracts the people desirable to create that vibe, as well as bringing its own set of club loyals who are trusting of the new night in the place. As a result the venue has to suit the night. Being out of place cuts the head off a night before it’s even began. There’s no need doing something new in a far out place, party-goers will continue to attend where they trust.

Although originality is recommended from an aesthetic point of view, attempting something musically never seen before is unnecessary and quite frankly next to impossible. Instead of stressing out on what others are putting out, show the passion for your own project and this will show through. Similarly, don’t focus too much on what other similar nights are running on your chosen night, you can stress until you’re blue in the face but at the end of the day, having people who have chosen to be there always makes for the best kind of nights.

Predicting the outcome is undoubtedly a big part of running a night, though there will always be bogey nights where nothing seems to go your way. Weather, flight issues, you name it, it can go wrong. Don’t take it too hard, it happens. And remember: whatever does happen try your best to enjoy it.

– By Marc Vasmant, Contributing Writer for SplashFlood

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