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How To Use Artist’s Voice As A Marketing Tool On SoundCloud

How To Use Artist’s Voice As A Marketing Tool On SoundCloud

Using an artist’s voice as a marketing tool is one route to unique engagement with fans. It’s easy to do with the record function built into our iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

Audio Announcements

When releasing a new album or announcing a tour or show, record an audio announcement to sit alongside your music and let your fans know about the news, using your voice as a marketing tool. If you are announcing a new release, think what other audio you can create – begin to tell the story with an audio commentary too.

Audio Updates

Heading out on the road?

You can document tour dates, travels and experiences using SoundCloud’s record function. Have a consistent interaction with fans, keeping them engaged through audio.

Record a short voice message and check in at your location using SoundCloud’s Foursquare integration.

Don’t forget, these vocal snippets can be easily shared with your Twitter and Facebook fans!

Communicate directly with your fans

Encourage fans to send you questions via your social channels, then record audio responses, linking to the original questions.

Why not start by setting up your own audio Q&A?

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