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How To Write Better Tweets

Blog post inspired from advices provided by Twitter teams

If you’re serious about your promotion and online presence, you are certainly using twitter. Here are a few tips to write “better” tweets

A tweet is like a conversation

Write your tweets like if you were chatting with friends, use simple words and be authentic. Find your own style.

Look smart

Use humor, self-mockery and be quick at repartee. You should be both interesting and entertaining.

Make people want to share your tweets

Ask yourself what kind of information people are more inclined to share / retweet. Fun, engaging or informative content will get you more attention. When you write a tweet, think about how your followers will take ownership of it and use it for tweeting to their own audience.

Tweet more than just text

The most retweeted messages contain pictures, Vine videos, quotes, figures or links. Make sure to use twitter cards as well by including YouTube video links or Soundcloud links in your tweets.

Ask questions

Listen to your audience. Show your followers that you care and make sure to reply to their tweets from time to time. You’ll be surprised by the positive response and engagement you may get by being more “social”.


Because it’s real time, focus on the items that will match with your audience, in order to point the conversation/exchange in the right direction.

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