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Infographic: Music Streaming Money

This infographic created by MoneyTips shows the streaming money flow

While we may disagree on the phrasing of some of this Infographic’s statements, this gives an interesting overview of the money flow when it comes to streaming services.

This topic has been the subject of many heaten debates so far, and we won’t jump into this once again.

Something to keep in mind is that most of the streaming-bashing out there comes from major signed artists, who barely see any income coming from streaming services, despite of massive volumes.

In most cases there are good reasons for them not to make a fortune from streaming, either their advances have not been recouped, or their record deal terms are outdated (with very low payout on digital income), or their label is simply “hiding” the money somewhere thanks to sophisticated accounting techniques.

Nevertheless, successful (with a decent fanbase, clever marketing, good releases and touring activity) Indie artists DO make more and more money from streaming (despite of the per-unit payout decreasing because of the increase of overall plays).

Enjoy the Infographic below!

Streaming Money

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