JTV Digital Integrates Warm Radio Airplay Monitoring

Want to accurately track your music across 24,000+ Radio stations worldwide?

Now you can through JTV Digital and WARM. Data analysis is a crucial tool for artists and industry players today. Social networks, streaming, views on YouTube. They are key to trying to identify the audience of an artist, how it behaves and where it is.

At the same time, radio still remains one of the classic ways to discover artists. Until now, it was very difficult to accurately track an artist’s radio broadcasts. WARM comes to restore order in the monitoring and data collection airplay and provide a simpler overview to users. Acronym of “World Airplay Radio Monitor”, WARM is currently the most developed tool available to artists allowing them to follow radio broadcast of their songs.

WARM tracks songs on traditional AM / FM radios, as well as online radios and DAB radios. In total there are more than 24,000 radios in 124 cities that are integrated into the service, and the figure continues to climb. If you look at the below image, you will see each individual City showing where your music is performing the best.

This is crucial for touring artists, giving a clear indication of where they’re more likely to sell tickets to shows and also allowing artists/managers/labels to plan a more effective marketing strategy in accordance to the data provided by WARM.

As you can see, Warm provide a very clear and accurate overview of how your music is performing across the world on Radio Stations.

The Benefits of WARM include –

  • Create transparency regarding radio airplays
  • Realtime data
  • Optimize social media and radio promotion
  • Improve the control of royalty collection
  • Enable geographically targeted tour booking.
  • Target fans and followers in countries and cities
  • Control your radio plugging
  • Export pdf and excel reports

This service is a must-have if your songs are getting played on radio stations! You will see exactly where your music is playing right now!

We are offering JTV Digital artists 10% off this brand new service. Simply use the code JTV10OFF at checkout to get started!


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