Top 10 biggest music acts of 2015
Top 10 biggest music acts of 2015
The IFPI has recently released the list of the world's biggest…
instagram mutliple accounts
How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts (finally)
Tada! The long-awaited and rumoured Instagram feature is finally there, you can now add multiple Instagram accounts and quickly switch between them without having to log out and log back in.
Wiyaala Leno
WIYAALA Tastes First Ever Screen Kiss In Her Music Video
On her recent visit to the UK, Wiyaala, aka the “Lioness of Africa”, has used the opportunity to shoot a stunning video for her song Leno.
how to release music
How To Release Music As An Indie Artist (Infographic)
This infographic gives a nice overview of the various steps for releasing music as an indie artist.
mixing desk
6 Proven Ways To Build An Engaged Audience On SoundCloud
By Jack McCarthy, contributing writer for Soundudes SoundCloud…
social media
Top 10 Social Networks in 2015
Here are the latest figures of the top 10 social networks in…
music streaming
The Unstoppable Rise of Music Streaming
Here are the latest streaming stats as reported by Statista. There’s…
artist promo giveaway
Artist Promo Giveaway
Artist Year In Music   Spotify
See how many people are listening to your music on Spotify
As a JTV Digital client, you can check your streaming activity…
How to generate a 1 click PayPal payment link
Here is a quick hack if you are using PayPal for receiving payments…
facebook vs youtube
Which One is Best: Facebook Native Video or YouTube?
So you’re in the market for the best video platform to use…
cover songs
Cover for me: How covers can get you synced
originally published on the Syncsummit blog, guest post by Mark…
Snapchat Grabs Massive Chunk Of Online Video Views
Snapchat recently confirmed that it now receives 6 billion views daily on its messaging platform. This rapid growth among a profitable demographic has significant implications for artists and musicians who use online video as a promotional tool.
Charlotte Dipanda Afrima
Charlotte Dipanda Wins Best Female African Artist Of The Year At The AFRIMA Awards 2015
Charlotte Dipanda has won the prize for  best female  African…
facebook music
Does This Change Things? Facebook Is Now Streaming Music In Your Feed
With nearly 900 million people using Facebook on their mobile devices daily, and 8 billion video views a day, getting back into music was the next logical step.
New stores available: TIDAL and Guvera
Distribute Your Music To TIDAL and Guvera from the JTV Digital…
money in streaming
Infographic: Music Streaming Money
This infographic created by MoneyTips shows the streaming money…
how ro create a youtube popup
How To Easily Grow Your YouTube Channel's Subscribers
This simple hack can get you more YouTube subscribers Our friends…
Wiyaala on CNN Africa Voices
Wiyaala Featured On CNN Africa Voices
CNN Africa will feature our distributed artist Wiyaala on their…
Efya - Jorley artwork
Efya Releases New Single "Jorley" Featuring Sarkodie
Multiple award winning diva, Efya, is releasing a new single…
How To Get A Verified Facebook Page
Follow these simple steps to get a verified facebook page It…
Charlotte Dipanda à l'Olympia
Charlotte Dipanda To Perform At L'Olympia in September 2016
Charlotte Dipanda will be performing at legendary venue "L'Olympia"…
Belle SoundCloud
SoundCloud Now Offering New Profile Layout And Visual Headers For All
Over the next few days, SoundCloud will be gradually rolling…
sc artist voice
How To Use Artist’s Voice As A Marketing Tool On SoundCloud
How To Use Artist’s Voice As A Marketing Tool On SoundCloud Using…
soundcloud logo
How To Optimize Your SoundCloud Profile
This article is the first of a serie for helping artists and…
Apple   Music   Connect
How To Claim Your Apple Music Connect Profile
Artists can now claim their Apple Music Connect profile On…
digital mixer
Monetize Your Songs On SoundCloud
You may have heard about the recent agreement between Merlin…
MusicCrowns logo
Promote Your Songs On Music Crowns
Exclusive Promotion Opportunity with Music Crowns and JTV Digital We…
Promote Your Songs On Instagram With SOUNDS App
Artists can now easily promote their songs on Instagram using…
loudr (1)
License Your Cover Songs For Distribution With Loudr and JTV Digital
Easily License Your Cover Songs With Loudr and JTV Digital JTV…
Music Promotion in Streaming Services
Get your Music played
Get your Music played with and JTV Digital You make…
SEAWAVES Join JTV Digital For Distribution & Licensing
SEAWAVES Join JTV Digital For Distribution & Licensing JTV…
Wiyaala to record with Ahmed Soultan in Morocco
Wiyaala to record with Ahmed Soultan in Morocco Wiyaala is flying…
Create Your Social Media Headers In Seconds
Don't waste time creating your social media headers, it can be…
musixmatch image
Engage Your Fans With Musixmatch
Musixmatch is the most popular lyrics destination on mobile and connected…
bbc1xtra logo
Efya performs "One Of Your Own" for BBC Radio 1Xtra
We are delighted to announce that Efya has been featured on BBC…
Artwork FM
How To Create Artwork Videos
Artwork videos (also called "still images" videos) are a great…
Spotify image
How Artists Can Benefit From Streaming
It is definitely a hot topic surrounded by great controversy...Here…
Vicky Edimo Siseya
Vicky Edimo releases new album titled "Siseya"
Bass genius Vicky Edimo releases new album "Siseya" is the new…
party people
How to Run a (Successful) Club Night
Throwing together a night without the proper research, passion,…
computer keyboard and watch
What Is The Best Time To Post On Social Networks
Do you know there is a best time to post on social networks,…
record store shelves
Global Music Release Day Set To Friday
Music industry's representatives (almost) unanimously set a global…
twitter image
How To Write Better Tweets
Blog post inspired from advices provided by Twitter teams If…
YouTube image
How To Monetize Your Songs On YouTube
YouTube Content ID now available JTV Digital has just finalized…
How To Make It In The Music Business, 4 Important Factors
How To Make It In The Music Business, 4 Important Factors Making…