Massa artwork
Charlotte Dipanda releases new album "Massa"
"Massa", an album out of time without borders Charlotte Dipanda, Afropop…
YouTube screen
How To Drive More Traffic To Your Music Videos
As you may know, more than 50% of online music searches now happen…
how to market your music in 7 steps
How To Market Your Music In 7 Steps
How To Market Your Music In 7 Steps Ever wondered why some super…
2014: A Year Of New Music For JTV Digital artists
As we step in 2015, it's time to look back at our key releases…
Cover Art Factory logo
Get 10% Off Cover Art Factory
We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Affordable…
wespin logo
JTV Digital interview for WeSpin
JTV Digital Founder Talks About Music Distribution Trends JTV…
Elle n'a pas vu artwork
Charlotte Dipanda releases new single "Elle n'a pas vu"
"Elle n'a pas vu" is the new single from Charlotte Dipanda The…
“The Young Lioness of Africa” Releases Debut Album
Wiyaala, the young lioness, leads the pride towards peace and…
"I Wanna Surf" Original Soundtrack Now Released
Surfing is not really the first thing you would associate this…
Efya - Life artwork
Efya Gives Life To "Life" Single With New Music Video
Multiple award-winning Afro Neo-Soul singer, Efya, announced…
JTV Digital presents "Emmanuelle", new single from Lomostatic feat. Olivier Depardon
 "Emmanuelle" is the new single from Lomostatic, featuring Olivier…
Music equipment
What Are The World's Top Ten Biggest Music Markets
When promoting your music it is key to target the right and largest…
Best URL Shorteners For Sharing Music
In this post we have listed the best URL shorteners for sharing…
Halasan Bazar & Tara King th
Halasan Bazar & Tara King th. release '8' LP
February 2014 in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, a sleepy mountain village…
Radio Airplay Monitoring
Why you need to monitor your radio spins
If your songs are getting played on radio, you need to monitor…
Ali Brustofski
An Inspiring young talent: Ali Brustofski
Music the first love of Ali Brustofski and has helped her to…
Noella Wiyaala, the four times nominated Ghanaian artist in the…
Kiss Me Now
Bee Tricks releasing "Kiss Me Now" feat. Brisa Roché
Indie rock band Bee Tricks releasing new single "Kiss Me Now"…
Bee Tricks
Get first Bee Tricks EP for free on Noistrade
JTV Digital band BEE TRICKS was chosen by Noisetrade to be featured…
wespin logo
We Spin: Artist Career Advancement Platform
JTV Digital has been partner with music marketing agency Dotted…
the drop
Infographic: Lifecycle of an Online Music Release
Infographic re-posted courtesy of the GeoRiot blog There…
Singer-Songwriter Larissa Tormey releases debut EP, Doors To Joy
Larissa Tormey, a Russian born, Ireland based singer-songwriter,…
Will LANDR change the game in audio mastering?
The short answer to this would be "maybe". Mastering is, and…
Music2Deal Logo 2014
Music2Deal: The Community for the Music Industry
If you are looking for an ultimate networking resource for…
Bee Tricks
Do you like Indie rock? Support Bee Tricks!
We are very excited to launch our very first crowd-funding campaign…
The Planetary Jam
The Planetary Jam JTV Digtal Josh Urban invites his fellow…
ashley raines
Ashley Raines releasing new single "Trick Of The Trade"
American singer-songwriter Ashley Raines releases "Trick Of The…
Jane Badler releasing new single "Losing You"
Jane Badler is releasing her new single titled "Losing You". The…
My Skin On Your Skin
EsQuille And Jane Badler release 'My Skin On Your Skin', a new hit for clubs
Swedish EDM / house producer EsQuille delivers a new stunning…
Wiyaala’s Rock My Body Targets European Summer Club Scene
Originally released in Ghana in 2013, Wiyaala’s Rock My Body…
Ashley Raines & The New West Revue
Ashley Raines Signs With JTV Music Publishing
We are delighted to announce the signing of the new "Blush"…
JTV Digital artists Wiyaala and Efya featured on BBC Global Beats
Seven up-and-coming Ghanaian musicians, including Efya and Wiyaala,…
jane badler le reservoir
Jane Badler's showcase at Le Réservoir was a success
Jane Badler's showcase organized at Le Réservoir in Paris by…
SUMMER TUNES 2014, Exclusive Summer Hits Compilation
No matter what's the weather like where you are at right now,…
Wiyaala Scores With A ''Scissor-Kick" In Black Stars' 2014 WORLD CUP Video
This week sees the release of yet another innovative video from…
Digital music revenue in the USA from 2008 to 2013
The below graph provides a breakdown of digital music revenue…
Efya nominated at MTV Africa Music Awards
JTV Digital artist Efya has been nominated at MTV Africa Music…
“The Young Lioness of Africa” Releases World Cup Anthem
Wiyaala has recorded a song which she hopes will help boost support…
Jane Badler's 'Volcano Boy' Remixes EP released
The Volcano Boy Remixes EP is officially released!! Listen to…
Jane Badler releasing new single 'Volcano Boy' with JTV Digital
Jane Badler, cult figure, Sci-Fi icon, and critically acclaimed…
rise of digital revenues
Digital Music Revenues Are On The Rise
This chart illustrates the impressive growth of digital music…
How to sell your music online
How To Sell Music Online
Have you ever wondered how to sell music online? With CD album…
Local Singer/Songwriter DeDe Honored by 2 major international Music-Industry Competitions
Houston-area singer/songwriter DeDe, was just awarded two…
Getting noticed (and making money) with cover songs
You all know or have heard about these artists getting noticed…
Female First features Wiyaala's "You Got The Power" new single
UK website Female First has featured Wiyaala's new single "You…