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Exclusive Promotion Opportunity with Music Crowns and JTV Digital

We have partnered with Music Crowns to offer our clients an exclusive promotion slot on this network.

What Is Music Crowns?

Music Crowns is a global online magazine, promotions and opportunities hub for unsigned and independent artists. Their social promotions focus on providing a platform for engagement and growth, widening artists’ network to the whole world!  Currently and consistently they have been reaching 30,000,000 – 40,000,000 people per week on Facebook alone (

Be Seen & Heard By People From All Over The World

Music Crowns are now proudly offering promotion to artists from around the world. The artists that sign up to their monthly package will be part of an exclusive and will represent their nation!

The Stats

Music Crowns is currently serving posts to 30,000,000 – 40,000,000+ people per week on social media and over 200,000 people per month on their website.

The promotions have seen artists achieve record deals, international gig offers, collaborations with mainstream stars, paid work, iTunes sales, download chart success and spikes in fan base!

How Much Is It?

The monthly promotion package is £25 or $38. You are not tied in to any long contracts but as it’s rolling and as they only have limited spaces they cannot guarantee re-signing will be possible due to mass demand.

What Do I Get For That Price Each Month?

A raw file upload on Music Crowns Facebook Page (680,000 likes as of June 1, 2015). Music Crowns link your file to your Facebook page, website & iTunes link or Amazon link. If you prefer they can share your video from their page. They have analysed results and uploading through their channel has the most positive effect. A lot of platforms similar to theirs also pick up the content they put out and share it also.

What Can I Expect To Happen?

Everything that happens is completely natural but in the main you can expect great engagement with a new and existing audience and over a sustained period of time – their catalogue of videos are watched and re-watched over and over. Generally, artists see a spike in their Facebook likes and also sales of their single or album on iTunes/Amazon, again, over a sustained period of time. The most an artist has been shared is over 3,600,000 times and it’s still growing…. check it here – over 194 million views!

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