Which streaming platform pays artists the most ?

Music streaming represents one of the main sources of income for artists. Who are the best paying actors? Find out!

With the advent of music streaming, audiences will never have consumed so much music. However, many artists are still unable to make a living from it. The German magazine Beat recently counted the number of listenings needed to earn 1€ on several platforms. Here is the ranking:


The most profitable platform. Only 54 listenings are necessary to collect 1€.

1. Tidal

A more remunerative music streaming for artists is precisely the spearhead of Tidal, a streaming platform acquired by Jay-Z in 2014. To get 1€, you need 89 listenings. No wonder Tidal is the largest music catalog in the world (with 60 million titles and 244,000 clips).

2. Apple Music

Present in the top trio of on-demand music leaders, Apple Music is very lucrative. To earn 1€ on the platform, count 151 streams.

3. Deezer

174 listenings = 1€ for the frenchie of the selection.

4. Spotify

To earn €1 on Spotify, the industry leader, 254 taps are required.

5. Amazon Music

The number of streams is almost similar to Spotify’s for Amazon Music. 277 listenings for €1 on the music service of the American e-commerce giant.

6. Youtube Music

Youtube Music is at the bottom of the ranking and is therefore the least remunerative music streaming platform with 1612 listenings for 1 euro. Artists consider it more as a promotional platform than a source of income.

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