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Which One is Best: Facebook Native Video or YouTube?

So you’re in the market for the best video platform to use so that you can reach your audience better. There are several to choose from but when it comes to popularity, only two share the top spot: Facebook native video and YouTube. Which one is better and which one works best for you could be decided by number of factors. Check out this comparison.

Facebook video


This video platform is exclusive to Facebook users with 65% of all the video views from mobile users. Being so, you should be thinking of optimizing your videos for mobile devices. Videos are shorter in this platform. In 2014, the average length was 44 seconds and according to research videos that are around 21 seconds long are the most frequently watched in full. Facebook videos appeal to younger generations (18 to 29 years old) and around 50% of people that use it are over 18.

Engagement rate

Almost everybody has a Facebook account and most likely everyone that has an account will also be using Facebook video. It’s not that 1.3 billion users immediately use this service but they slowly warmed up to this video feature over time.

Almost everybody has a Facebook accountClick To Tweet

Engagement rate is high in Facebook video considering that its algorithm is updated regularly to take note of the current trends of its billions of users. It was also a recent development in Facebook when they changed their algorithm to consider the different forms of engagement in videos. This included turning up the sound on the video and increasing the screen size. This accounts for people that watch videos but do not necessarily like or share videos to their friends.

All these measures of tracking engagements allow Facebook to provide more meaningful videos to users and more interesting videos that appear in news feeds means better engagement and improved video experience.

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Number of views

With Facebook video’s improved engagement and better discoverability, you can guarantee that videos are seen and even promoted after the user views them. Once you post a video that you like on your page, it instantly reaches people that have similar tastes and likes as you. Therefore viewership is guaranteed.

Disadvantages of Facebook video

Possibly one of the most irritating thing about scrolling down your newsfeed and coming across a video that you do not actually like or would possibly want to view the next time round. Facebook video has autoplay that, well, automatically plays videos that you come across. Not only is this annoying but a lot of users that view Facebook through a data plan could find themselves eating their data consumption for the day due to this instant play feature!

Since Facebook algorithm basically decides what to watch, it can punish videos that are not optimized or are simply lazy. When a video performs well, it promotes it and so if no one watches a video; it will discontinue showing it to its users.

YouTube video


Compared to Facebook, videos are longer and vary in content and types. The average length of YouTube session on mobile is around 40 minutes. Taking advantage of this huge amount of time that people are willing to offer to watch videos will certainly help you no matter what message you have to send via video.

In general, audiences are large and varied when it comes to YouTube but according to recent stats, it has attracted more viewers aged 18 to 49 through their mobile app compared to any other cable network.

Engagement rate

Engagement rate is high when it comes to people willing to watch lengthier videos. Basically, engagement success may be due to the fact that the word YouTube is already synonymous to video. When anyone thinks of video, YouTube usually comes to mind and therefore this already makes it more engaging and more powerful compared to other video platforms.

Consider that hundreds of millions of hours of video are viewed every day through YouTube. Three hundred hours’ worth of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you are looking for steps on how to cook anything, you can find it on YouTube. If you are checking out a music video or a game tutorial, you can certainly find it on YouTube. People that are actively looking for information makes this platform a perfect search engine and this is a great advantage over Facebook video.

Number of views

There is no need to mention that there are millions upon millions of people checking out YouTube videos every second . Its searchability allows YouTube videos to get more views compared to Facebook. YouTube videos get 20 perfect of their views on the first day the video is posted and views can rack up over time compared to Facebook videos that get 50 perfect of views from the first day the video is published.

There are millions upon millions of people checking out YouTube videos every secondClick To Tweet

Disadvantages of YouTube videos

Because it has a wide audience that are not in any way connected to you, or checking out your content, it could be hard to make a connection and therefore, videos could be left unviewed or falling back on views for months. Since it is easier to promote videos via Facebook with its efficient algorithm you can use this for business and get you instant promotion and marketing for your products, services or brand.

The key to making YouTube videos connect to your followers or customers is to embed these on your blog or website and using paid promotion to reach your customers better. You have to work more to make YouTube videos work compared to Facebook videos that instantly reach all your followers and your follower’s followers and so on, in a single share.

So which one is for you?

Consider your needs and your audience in picking the ideal video platform for your business or personal needs.

If you have shorter and snappier videos for your audience then Facebook video is the clear winner but for more engaging and more in-depth video presentations, YouTube should be your choice.

However, as a music artist, it is more and more frequently recommended to do both native Facebook video AND YouTube, in order to reach the widest possible audience. There won’t necessarily be cannibalization between these 2 networks since the audience may be slightly different, so it’s definitely worth including in your video routine simultaneous uploads to these 2 key networks.

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