How To Write Professional Music Video Descriptions on YouTube

In this article, we’ll be covering 5 essential tips on how to achieve a professional music video YouTube description.

1. Buy / Stream Links

You would not believe how many times I see music videos with no external links to buy or stream the music. This is a major error! If a listener enjoys your music then chances are they’ll want to add the track to their new Spotify playlist, or purchase a download to listen to another time. If you’re serious about making money in the music industry then including buy / stream links are essential!

At the absolute minimum, you need to be including the major streaming/downloading stores such iTunes/Apple, Spotify, Googleplay & Amazon. If your release is live in various stores then it’s highly recommended you include ALL stores (Deezer, Shazam, Soundcloud, Tidal etc). If you require distribution for your music, please visit www.jtvdigital.com.

A very easy and convenient way to include all store links is to use a smart link via Link Fire or Smart URL.

For all touring artists, make sure to include a link to buy tickets for your shows directly underneath your Buy / Stream smart link.

2. Video Credits

Here is where you will include your director, producer, editor, any actors/actresses. Include any other notable mentions who had a hand in the creation of the music video.

3. Social Media Links

This is definitely another essential area to ensure your fan-base continues to grow. I’m sure you’re fully aware just how important it is to have your own official website, whilst building up an email contact list so this must come first. From here the usual suspects of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter must be included. Be sure to include ALL of your social media links here to ensure new fans can follow you, connect and receive direct updates.

4. Lyrics

Lyrics are so important to add to music video descriptions. When a fan hears your music on the radio, or in a public place, the chances are they will have missed the title being revealed. Fans may only remember the chorus line, or 1 specific line from the verses and proceed to google it. If you have NOT included your lyrics in your music video, you may have lost yourself a new fan. That fan may have went on to follow your Spotify, purchase your entire back catalogue or buy a ticket to see you in concert.

Not including the lyrics may cost yourself many potential long term fans.

5. Copyright Owners

Last in line is where you will include the copyright owners of the track. Usually the record label and/or publisher.

If you own your own music completely, then you can write the copyright as the year and artist name. e.g © 2018 Artist Name

*Bonus Tip*

My last tip for convenience is to save a draft version of your video description, then replace the Buy / Stream links, Video Credits (if applicable) and the lyrics per video. This way you don’t need to keep writing your social media or copyright owner links over and over again.

Feel free to compare your description with top established artists videos using theirs as a reference.

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